Navigating Marijuana Laws

Marijuana has been approved for medical use in a number of states. Many states have now followed by decriminalizing the drug entirely – though the laws regulating its use, possession, and distribution vary from state line to state line. This can pose very interesting legal challenges for people who find themselves charged with a drug-related crime following legal purchase in a neighboring state.

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Protecting Your Rights

Generally speaking, it is wisest to consume marijuana in the state in which it was purchased. Transporting the drug over state lines – even for personal use only – can result in possession and trafficking charges, both of which may come with significant fines and penalties. The best way to avoid these charges is by following each state’s drug laws.

However, keeping on top of increasingly complex state marijuana laws can prove very challenging and missteps will be common until policy is standardized nationwide. This makes it vital that you retain the legal services of a law firm with experience practicing in all local jurisdictions.

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