Theft / Armed Robbery Charges

When you've been accused of any crime, finding a skilled, experienced defense lawyer is crucial. This is particularly true when the crime you are accused of includes the use of a weapon.

While laws vary by state, most jurisdictions require greatly increased sentences when the crime is committed with the aid of a weapon, especially a firearm. Armed robbery is one of the most common examples of this dynamic.

Theft itself is a relatively simple crime to explain, and, depending on the value of the property stolen, might qualify as a misdemeanor. Adding a weapon to theft, however, greatly increases the seriousness of the charge.

At The Cochran Firm, our defense lawyers will fight hard if you've been accused of theft or armed robbery. We understand the consequences for you, and we know you deserve nothing less than our best efforts.

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A Serious Charge

If charged with simple theft, the severity of the sentence you face will be determined by several factors. Most important is often the value of the property you're accused of stealing. Specifics will vary based on jurisdiction, but in many states, theft is only a felony if the property is above a certain dollar amount.

As such, theft charges can carry with them consequences that include:

  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Limited jail time


Violent Crime

However, adding a gun to the mix makes theft a violent crime, and the severity of sentences increases accordingly.

Finding an experienced defense lawyer when accused of armed robbery is absolutely vital. If convicted in court of armed robbery, you will certainly face prison time, and the length of the sentence will likely be quite significant. It's impossible to speculate on specific sentence lengths, but prosecutors take armed robbery quite seriously.

Fortunately, The Cochran Firm's defense lawyers can help. We will be with you throughout the legal process. This means:

  • Protecting you from police and prosecutorial intimidation
  • Challenging the case against you
  • Protecting your constitutional rights
  • Investigating the case in order to prevent a compelling theory on your behalf
  • Representing you in negotiations with prosecutors

An armed robbery charge can change your life. Any felony conviction as an adult will affect your ability to find a job or get a bank loan. And any amount of prison time can be traumatizing.

We will be your champion and fight the charges against you using our decades of experience as defense lawyers.

If you want to speak to our defense lawyers about the theft or armed robbery charges filed against you, please contact The Cochran Firm today.