Understanding Decriminalization

Many states have passed laws decriminalizing marijuana. Some states have legalized recreational use and are even selling marijuana at retail stores. Others have decimalized possession but still impose a civil fine – much like a traffic ticket – for small amounts of the drug. While none of these laws are observed by the federal government, the current administration has taken a “hands-off” approach. This approach has empowered states to make their own regulations regarding marijuana but also produced large inconsistencies in drug policy – inconsistencies that can result in serious criminal penalties when not fully understood.

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Crossing State Lines

Drug possession may be legal in one state, but as soon as state lines are crossed, those in possession become criminals. Likewise, what may be a civil offense in one state can result in prison time in the next, making it essential that you understand the laws in each individual state.

As a rule, marijuana should never be transported over state lines. Even when intended for personal use, drug transportation can have significant consequences such as jail time, fines, and a permanent and damaging criminal record. If you are charged with transportation or trafficking, you need an experienced attorney on your side immediately to help protect your rights and prevent unfavorable convictions.

It is possible that the decriminalization of marijuana will one day be nation-wide. Until that time it is advisable to follow the regulations in each state, and to never assume one state’s laws apply to its neighbors. However, if you are charged with possession, regardless of where you live, the criminal defense attorneys at The Cochran Firm are here to help.

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