White Collar Crimes

Many people hear the phrase “white collar crime” and imagine relatively unimportant charges that don't carry particularly stiff penalties.

The reality, however, is dramatically different. Prosecutors are taking white collar crime more seriously than ever before, and if you're charged with a crime, you're certainly aware of how serious the situation is. Fortunately, the defense attorneys at The Cochran Firm share this seriousness of purpose.

Our defense attorneys have years of experience with the wide range of charges that are contained under the term “white collar crimes.” We know that the penalties involved are significant, and we're committed to providing all of our clients with skilled, spirited legal representation.

At The Cochran Firm, our defense attorneys will use all the resources available to us to represent you with vigor and skill. You can trust in our proven track record and decades of experience.

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Types Of White Collar Crime

As we mentioned above, “white collar crime” is an inexact term that can refer to a massive range of case types. Generally speaking, white collar crimes are non-violent and financial in nature, but every case is unique. The defense attorneys at The Cochran Firm have experience with:

  • Fraud: Another broad term, “fraud” refers to any situation in which a person or organization illegally acquires property or money through misrepresentation or outright lies.
  • Embezzlement: A type of fraud, embezzlement is defined as the fraudulent and un-authorized taking of another person or organization's property by someone in a position of trust. The classic example of embezzlement is a high-ranking official at a business siphoning off company revenues for his personal use.
  • Extortion: Extortion refers to cases where one party induced another party into surrendering money or property through the threat of some illegal consequence, usually force.
  • Computer Crimes: As more and more people become connected to computers and the internet, computer crimes have exploded in frequency and severity. States and the federal government now take illegal hacking very seriously, and those accused of using computers to defraud others face significant penalties.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list of white collar crimes. However, the fundamental realities of these cases are similar: defendants convicted of these crimes face significant, severe criminal penalties, including jail time.