If you have recently lost your job, chances are you are worried about quite a number of things. In the United States, health insurance coverage is typically provided by your employer. If you lose your job or your hours are reduced, not only do you have to worry about finding a new job to help pay the bills, but you also have to worry about your health and whether or not you can afford to go to the hospital or doctor.

In 1985, the Consolidation Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act was passed, more popularly known as COBRA. COBRA is designed to ensure employees and their families continuing access to health insurance after changes in their employment status.

What is COBRA?

According to the United States Department of Labor, COBRA gives employees and their families who lose their health care benefits the ability to choose to continue health benefits that their health plan offered for limited periods of time. COBRA is eligible to employees who have lost their healthcare coverage due to:

  • Voluntary or involuntary job loss
  • Change from full-time to part-time status
  • Temporary unemployment due to job transitioning
  • Major life events such as death or divorce

Why do I Need an Attorney for COBRA?

Legal challenges today are time-consuming and difficult in order to deter frivolity in lawsuits. However, when you are actually entitled to your rightful benefits but would rather not jump through all the hoops of the legal process or become mired in the rigorous paperwork, which is where The Cochran Firm steps in. We are committed to working relentlessly for the compensation and the benefits to which you are legally entitled. Our job, as attorneys familiar with COBRA, is to make the process of receiving your benefits easier for you.

If you have recently lost your health coverage because of your work situation or that of a family member and would like assistance dealing with COBRA, please contact The Cochran Firm to meet with one of our many attorneys nationwide.