Fair Employment and Housing Act Claims

The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) prohibits discrimination and harassment in employment. It also prohibits harassment or retaliation for protesting discrimination. For cases that involve discrimination, FEHA requires that all administrative options be thoroughly explored before legal action can be taken. Legal action can only be taken once the Department of FEHA has issued a Notice of Right to Sue.

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Types of Discrimination

Under FEHA, it is illegal to discriminate against anyone based on:

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FEHA is a state-specific act that prohibits discrimination of any kind and puts in place detailed steps that must be followed before legal action can be taken. EEOC, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, is a federal agency that investigates claims of employment discrimination and provides recourse for employees who have been mistreated.

The best way to learn which of these organizations, if either, to involve in your case is with the help of a dedicated employment law attorney.

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