7/17/2019- Attorney Scott Leeds of The Cochran Firm Miami and attorney Channa Lloyd of The Cochran Firm Orlando have teamed up to represent the family of Aaron Doty to help bring closure to a tragic situation.  On the night of July 9, 2012, Aaron Doty was at a house party when he was beaten by two men, Johnathan Ray Rodriguez and Kenneth Edward Felipe.  According to the killers, who said they were attacking Doty for a Facebook video, they believed he was dead and then attempted to get rid of his body by setting him on fire in a remote wooded area.  The pair was sentenced to concurrent life sentences in 2015, but the family sought closure and filed a wrongful death suit against them.  A jury awarded $300 million in compensatory damages and $400 million in punitive damages.  The family acknowledges that they will never see the money, but filed the suit to help them and the community find closure.  “It is nice to know that people understand what we’re going through, and know the value of Aaron’s life, that they understand the severity of what transpired,” said Aaron’s sister Blair Doty.

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