On July 15th, the Virginia sheriff’s deputy who shot Isiah Brown multiple times in front of his home an hour after dropping him off, was indicted with felony reckless handling of a firearm. The charges for officer David Turbyfill are usually considered a misdemeanor, but because of the significant and life-altering injuries to Brown, Turbyfill is being charged with a felony.  If found guilty, Turbyfill is looking at up to five years in prison.

As reported earlier, Brown called 911 for help and was on the phone with a dispatcher when the officer arrived.  The officer mistook the cordless phone Brown was using to speak to the dispatcher as a gun and shot him ten times.  Eight bullets were found in his body.  Thankfully, Isiah is now recovering at home.

“Brown was shot 10 times and eight bullets were found in his body,”

-Cochran Firm attorney David E. Haynes

Brown is now filing a lawsuit for $26.35 million against the Spotsylvania County police officer involved in the wrongful shooting incident that occurred on April 21st, claiming that the officer in question used excessive force, committed battery, and was negligent during the near-deadly incident involving Brown. In addition to deputy Turbyfill, the Spotsylvania County police chief, Roger Harris, has also been included in the lawsuit considering his lack of adequate direction and supervision that played a part in the negligent shooting of Brown.

Although Brown is recovering from the incident, the tragic encounter with David Turbyfill will leave him with permanent physical and emotional damages for the rest of his life.

“Our hope is that filing the lawsuit will provide a measure of justice for Mr. Brown and force the Spotsylvania Police Department to enhance their training and update their policies and procedures so that this never happens to another person.”

-Cochran Firm attorney David E. Haynes

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