Louisiana Office Aids in BP Oil Spill Clean-Up Efforts

In an attempt to help with the BP Oil Spill clean-up in the Gulf of Mexico, The Cochran Firm - Louisiana instituted a "Dawn Dish Soap Donation Effort." For over thirty years, Dawn dishwashing liquid has been an instrumental partner in the rescue and cleaning of wildlife affected by oil spills.

Trained specialists use a solution of roughly 1 percent dish soap and very warm water to help remove oil from area wildlife covered with oil from the recent BP Gulf Oil Spill disaster. Learn more at DawnSavesWildlife.com.

The effort was spearheaded by Megan Lenore, an employee of The Cochran Firm - Louisiana. Offices throughout the firm's building located at 909 Poydras Street in New Orleans, Louisiana contributed to the donation effort.

In the first week, 3,611 ounces (28 gallons) of Dawn original scent dish soap were collected. Twenty-eight gallons of soap can be used to make 2,821 gallons of cleaning solution which will be used to remove oil from wildlife affected by this environmental tragedy.