Medical Errors Kill Approximately 100,000 People Each Year

Hospitals are supposed to be places of healing. They’re where you go when you’re hurt or sick and you need the aid of well-educated, highly trained professionals.

  • According to the Institute of Medicine each year nearly 100,000 people die from medical mistakes, yet fewer than 10% of all acts of medical malpractice result in a claim against the doctor or hospital.
  • However, not every bad outcome that a patient experiences is a result of medical malpractice.  Bad outcomes are often caused by recognized complications that are not considered malpractice. How are you supposed to know the difference between medical malpractice and a recognized complication?

Medical Malpractice Laws are Designed to Protect Doctors and Hospitals

Many states place caps on the damages that victims of medical malpractice can recover when those same damages are not capped for other types of personal injuries:

  • Medical malpractice laws require that the patient prove that he/she suffered medical malpractice with expert medical testimony.
  • Medical experts are extremely expensive to hire and often difficult to persuade to testify against another health care provider.
  • Once you bring a case, most doctors and hospitals will not readily settle.  They often bring the case to trial.  Last year, of all the medical malpractice cases that were brought to trial, 2/3 of them were won by the doctor or hospital.
  • These cases are difficult expensive, and require particular expertise to handle. 

We Can Help

At the Cochran Firm, the leadership of our Medical Malpractice Section and many of its section members are Board Certified in Medical Malpractice.  All of our medical malpractice attorneys have the experience and expertise to help you screen and prosecute your medical malpractice case. And we often bring a team of experienced medical malpractice attorneys from several different office locations to handle our cases at no additional charge to our clients.

Our case review gives our potential clients a free resource to have our medical experts and experienced medical malpractice attorneys review your claim to determine if medical malpractice occurred.

The Cochran Firm has the resources to access and hire top medical experts in any field of medicine to help prove your case.  Many of our offices have in-house nurses and physicians that help us research difficult medical issues and provide screening in complicated cases.  Let our experienced medical malpractice team review your case today.  As with all of our reviews, it costs you nothing.  And if we take your case, we do not charge a fee unless a recovery is obtained on your behalf.

Our results with medical malpractice cases speak for themselves.  Our attorneys have procured hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of the injured patients we have represented. 

If you’ve suffered a devastating personal injury as a result of a medical professional’s error, you should speak to our medical malpractice attorneys immediately. Please contact The Cochran Firm today for a free consultation.

The attorneys with The Cochran Firm have extensive experience in trying personal injury cases in states across the country. The results obtained in numerous cases have made a significant impact on clients’ lives, communities and industry practices. We have highlighted some of the remarkable case results on the Results & Verdicts pages of our website. The facts and circumstances of your case may be different and must be evaluated on its own merit. The case results on these pages represent the full award of the case before expenses and fees were deducted.