Medical Negligence and Pharmaceutical Injury

When you are ill, you trust doctors and pharmacists to prescribe and administer the appropriate medications to restore your good health. When you are injured, you trust hospital staff to treat your injuries and make professional, intelligent decisions regarding your treatment and surgery.

Medical negligence can result from reckless behavior on behalf of a medical practitioner. It can also occur when a doctor, nurse or hospital staff fails to take the appropriate action.

At The Cochran Firm, we know how devastating a pharmaceutical injury can be. Our lawyers have the skills and experience to make that pharmaceutical company, hospital staff or other guilty party pay for their negligent behavior.

If you are sick or hurt, your condition must be accurately diagnosed before you can undergo the appropriate treatment. Even if your condition is correctly diagnosed, your sickness or injury can worsen if you do not receive the proper treatment.

Surgical and Emergency Room Errors

Hospitals are chaotic environments that are often overcrowded. If you are hurt or sick enough to seek treatment at a hospital, your condition is already fragile. A mistake as minor as clerical error can have severe consequences. Major surgical errors have also occurred in hectic ERs, such as:

  • Anesthesia errors
  • Operating on the wrong patient
  • Performing the incorrect surgery
  • Leaving foreign objects in the body or mishandling surgical instruments
  • Improperly suturing

In the Aftermath of Defective Device or Dangerous Drug

If you were injured by a defective device or dangerous drug, your doctor is responsible for making sure you receive the necessary medical care. If a doctor or other medical practitioner failed to diagnose your condition or did not properly treat your injuries, they could be held medically negligent.

Pharmaceutical Injury

Medication mistakes are another instance of medical negligence. Pharmaceuticals can alleviate symptoms, reduce pain and enhance your overall health. However, if you take the incorrect medication or the wrong dosage, the outcome can be catastrophic.

A pharmaceutical injury can be the result of your doctor prescribing you the wrong medication. It can also arise if your pharmacist misreads your dosage or type of medication and dispenses the incorrect prescription.

The medication can also be defective. This is especially common with today’s multi-million-dollar pharmaceutical industry that is so focused on making profits that it may ignore a drug’s potential side effects and dangerous risks.

If you believe you have a medical negligence or case or have suffered a pharmaceutical injury, please contact the experienced pharmaceutical injury attorneys at The Cochran Firm today. We serve clients across the United States.