Following Motorcycle Laws

Each state regulates motorcycle operation differently. If you own a motorcycle, it's crucial that you be aware of all relevant laws and follow them diligently. The Cochran Firm's personal injury lawyers always urge those who enjoy their motorcycles to do so in a way that comports with local and state laws.

Most importantly, doing so will protect your health and help preserve public safety. Laws are passed with the safety and well-being of everyone on the road in mind.

However, following the law is also in your legal best interests as well. After a motorcycle accident, the other party might claim that you were violating a law and that you're responsible for the accident. By following the law, you protect yourself and your right to pursue compensation.

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Relevant Laws
Most motorcyclists are aware of state laws regarding helmet usage. And those are undeniably important laws. The decision to wear (or not wear) a helmet can greatly affect the extent to which you're vulnerable to injury and your level of blame in an accident.

Motorcycle-Centric Laws

However, most states have other motorcycle-centric laws. These often cover:

  • Whether or not you need a specific class of driver's license to operate a motorcycle
  • The legality of a stereo system in a motorcycle helmet
  • How many mirrors are needed on a motorcycle
  • Whether your motorcycle must be equipped with a daytime running light
  • How motorcyclists in a group can utilize the road
  • How passengers may be carried on a motorcycle

Before operating a motorcycle, do extensive research into the relevant laws in your states. Equip your motorcycle appropriately, and make sure you are following the law at all times.

As noted above, operating a motorcycle in a way that is contrary to local laws can affect your compensation, even if you are the victim in an accident. This doesn't mean you lose the ability to pursue justice if you were violating a single law at the time of the wreck. It does mean, however, that the other side will have a much less compelling argument if you follow the law, especially when it comes to helmet usage.

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