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Johnnie L. Cochran began The Cochran Firm more than five decades ago In Los Angeles, California. Mr. Cochran often spoke of his firm and its foundation and its beliefs.

There is no better expression of our foundation and beliefs than those given to us in Mr. Cochran’s own words:

The Foundation

The foundation for building The Cochran Firm has been one in which we have believed in being the best we can be for our clients. That we don’t take no for an answer. We go out, we work very hard. We put together a team of lawyers and staff members who work very hard for the clients and who are willing to go the distance to be the best they can be for those clients. We never quit, we never back up, we never give up. We do the best that we can all the time.

Our Beliefs
We believe in representing the “little guy”. We think it’s a great opportunity to represent the “little guy”. Very often in society, nobody wants to pay any attention to the little guy. They don’t give him a fair shot. We feel that once we listen to the facts, once we prepare the case, we believe preparation is a key, we can turn the little guy into someone who represents all of us. And that little guy becomes a representation of all the rest of us and he gets a fair shake in society. And I think that’s important for everybody else.

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More About Our Team…

In New Orleans, we believe in hard work and attention to detail. We hire the best and the brightest attorneys and carefully indoctrinate them into “The Cochran Way”. Mr. Cochran used to stress preparation to all his attorneys and insisted on providing the highest quality legal and ethical representation of our clients.
As Mr. Cochran used to say: The legacy you leave is based on the life you live and to whom much is given, much is expected. That’s why he spent his last years trying to teach, inspire and educate the Cochran attorneys to do their best. He wanted us to feel him looking over our shoulders. And we take that legacy with us into every courtroom we enter.
We are aggressive and will fight hard for our clients. We do not take no for an answer. We never quit, we never backup, we never give up. We do the best that we can all the time for our clients.
Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.
1937 - 2005

Our Legacy, Our Commitment

As a handpicked partner of the late Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., Mr. Mitchell experienced first hand interactions with Mr. Cochran and was trained and formed by his influence. Mr. Mitchell understands the legacy of Mr. Cochran because he handled cases with Mr. Cochran.


With offices located in the beautiful Lakeway II building, which sits on Lake Pontchartrain at the foot of the Causeway, The Cochran Firm New Orleans is conveniently located only minutes from downtown and the State and Federal District Courts, Courts of Appeal, and the Louisiana Supreme Court. The views from their brand-new offices on the 15th floor all face the lake and provide a beautiful panoramic background to their state-of-the-art modern offices. The attorneys at the Cochran Firm New Orleans are not only admitted to and actively argue and try cases in all these local courts and other state courts in Louisiana they also routinely handle cases throughout the country.

Community Service

The members of The Cochran Firm New Orleans have devoted extensive efforts in giving back to the community. Mr. Mitchell and Ms. Sanchez recently attended a day long clinic at a local church where they provided free legal advice to needy recipients. Mr. Mitchell and Ms. Sanchez also regularly attend local festivals where they have set up a booth to provide free legal advice.

Ms. Sanchez won the Louisiana State Bar Association's 2010 Pro Bono Publico Award which is given to local attorneys who go above and beyond the norm to provide free legal services to the indigent. She has donated over 100 ours of her time to Pro Bono representation and advice to the needy. Mr. Mitchell was also one of two attorneys who sponsored a local fund raising event for the Hope House, a charity for the homeless and those in need. The event raised over $10,000 for this worthwhile charity.

Mr. Mitchell has also volunteered his time at several local schools to help mentor school children on the benefits of staying in school and being educated.

Practice Areas

Our skilled personal injury lawyers are acknowledged as members of The National Trial Lawyers Top 100, America’s Top 100 Attorneys, U.S. News Best Lawyers Best Law Firms (Personal Injury Litigation- Plaintiffs), and Super lawyers. We have highly skilled knowledge in various practice areas, and successfully handle a variety of claims, including:

Other Practice Areas

Our Results

The Cochran Firm’s commitment to excellence in the courtroom has resulted in 10 unprecedented verdicts in excess of $100 million each, and 35 verdicts in excess of $10 million. The Cochran Firm has secured over $35 billion in verdicts, settlements and judgments for our clients. The results obtained in these numerous cases have made a significant impact on our clients’ lives, communities and industry practices.

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