Not all car accidents are equal.  Car accident cases often involve complex issues in proving the negligence of the other driver.  Not only does it require detailed knowledge and experience in the traffic laws, but also frequently involves engaging an expert in accident reconstruction to “reconstruct” how the accident occurred and why the other driver was negligent in his or her actions that lead to the car crash.

And even in car accident cases where the liability of the other driver seems clear cut, there may be complicated issues regarding the injuries and medical care sustained in the accident that require much experience and expertise to sort out.  It does not help a victim of a car crash to be compensated for certain injuries only to find out after the settlement that the injuries were more extensive than they were originally thought to be.

We have medical professionals on our staff to help you understand the nature and extent of your injuries.  We have the resources to hire top treating and testifying experts to help avoid undercompensating victims who have more serious injuries than meets the eye at first glance.

Traumatic Brain Injuries are often overlooked in seemingly minor car accidents.  These injuries can be disabling both from a work standpoint and a life standpoint if not addressed and diagnosed.

Let us provide you with a free case review on not only the liability or fault aspect of your auto case, but also a detailed free review of your medical injuries and treatment.  We have a team of experienced professionals who can give you the peace of mind in knowing what you will face because of your car accident