A crowded nightclub shooting in Cincinnati, Ohio has led to a lawsuit by 11 survivors. The incident happened at the Cameo Nightclub on March 26. They are claiming that the nightclub, the owner, and the property owner were negligent in protecting patrons in the attack that killed two people and injured 17 others.

The lawsuit claims that there was a lack of security at the Cameo Nightclub that allowed at least three people with weapons into the facility. They are seeking compensation for their medical bills and other damages against the defendants for allowing the gunmen into the building.

Recently, three of the survivors held a press conference to present their side of the story as the Ohio offices of The Cochran Firm. The survivors are cousins who all got shot in the legs and suffered physical and emotional damages due to the incident. They traveled from out of town to celebrate a birthday party at the club.

Jordan noticed that there were two lines, but the group decided to enter the longer one. That shorter line is alleged to be a VIP line that allowed patrons in without a security check in exchange for a larger fee. If this claim is substantiated, the nightclub put everyone at risk in the pursuit of higher profits.

Jarrod heard the fighting and gunshots over the music. The trio attempted to flee, but others in the crowd pushed them back toward the commotion. When a second volley of gunfire went off, they dropped to the floor. Unfortunately, the gunman was aiming poorly and most of the shots headed toward the ground. All of the cousins were hit in the legs.

Khristian, the third cousin, now has to walk with a cane and undergo excruciating physical therapy. All three cousins want to see the owner of the nightclub, Julian Rogers, to pay for their medical bills. Exact totals for damages are still being determined.

The police are seeking one gunman who escaped. Another was killed in the shooting and a third has been arrested for murder.

Nightclub shootings aren’t common, but they do happen.

The worst incident was the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando last summer, which killed 49 people and injured another 58. In that case, armed security attempted to stop the shooter from entering but were unsuccessful. That attack was a hate crime. But there’s a clear difference between someone carrying out a terrorist attack and lax security allowing criminals into a club, where tempers can flare and alcohol is readily available.

People go to nightclubs to feel safe and have a good time. They shouldn’t have to worry about weapons. We believe that the nightclub is liable and should pay the victims for their medical bills and other damages. The existence of a VIP line that allowed patrons to dodge security was an irresponsible risk, as this attack shows.

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