Administrators waited hours to transport injured student according to lawsuit

A New Mexico family recently filed a delayed medical treatment lawsuit against the Aztec School District over allegations school administrators waited hours to transport a student severely injured during a fight.  The lawsuit claims the victims suffered a traumatic brain injury, a seizure, and requires ongoing medical care as a result of the school’s inability to properly respond to the boy’s medical needs.

According to reports, the case dates back to December 2015 when the plaintiff’s son was injured in a schoolyard fight and subsequently lost consciousness while under school supervision. The lawsuit alleges the school’s administrators waited hours to inform the boy’s parents and request emergency assistance, causing the boy’s condition to worsen.

As a result of the delay in medical treatment, the victim suffered multiple injuries including pain and suffering and a seizure disorder. Furthermore, the additional medical treatment from the delays caused the victim’s family to incur huge medical bills. The school district has yet to address the lawsuit, much less attempt to compensate the victim for his injuries.

Delayed medical treatment lawsuit

When we send our children off to school each day, we expect teachers and administrators to take reasonable steps to ensure students enter a safe learning environment helping to prepare them for their life ahead.  However, sometimes school districts fall short of these expectations and allow students to suffer serious, preventable injuries while under the supervision of school personnel.

All schools should have full time nurses capable of recognizing the signs and symptoms of potentially serious medical conditions and the ability to respond accordingly to prevent further harm to injured students.  In this particular case, school administrators should have immediately requested an emergency response after recognizing the student was having an adverse medical event.

When children are harmed at school due to an administrator’s negligence, parents may have legal recourse to hold these wrongdoers responsible and spur change in an institution the community relies upon to educate the next generation. By filing claims against the school district, parents can recover any medical expenses incurred from the negligence, as well as compensation for the child’s physical and emotional suffering.

School injury lawyers

If your child suffered a serious injury or abuse on school grounds, at a sponsored event, or under the supervision of an administrator, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss the details of your case. While school districts work to deny and delay claims, dedicated plaintiffs attorneys commit themselves to securing justice and compensation for injured victims and families.

Because many jurisdictions limit the timeframe to file claims against municipal entities like school districts and other local government organizations, plaintiffs should reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. While The Cochran Firm is not involved in this particular case, our experienced attorneys frequently represent the legal interest of families whose children suffered serious harm while at school.