Infant Brain Injury

Like most parents, the only life more important to you than your own is probably your child’s. When your child’s life is altered or lost because of a brain injury, your entire world changes, and you may feel that nothing can turn it upright again. While nobody can undo a brain injury, you deserve answers to your questions and compensation can help you through the financial difficulties ahead.

Whether you have lost your infant to a brain injury or your child has been permanently debilitated by a brain injury, we at The Cochran Firm want to help you receive the answers and the financial compensation you deserve. Our attorneys are experienced in handling traumatic brain injury cases and can connect you with experts who can provide invaluable insight into your case.

Why Infants Suffer Brain Injuries
Brain injury is the leading cause of child injury and death. One of the most common causes of brain injury in infants is auto accidents. But if you were involved in the same auto accident as your child, you may be confused about why your infant suffered severe injuries while you did not. Infants’ skulls are considerably softer than adults or even children, allowing the brain to expand and grow as necessary. Unfortunately, this also leaves the brain at greater risk in infants than in older individuals.

Common Causes

The most common causes of brain injuries in infants include:

  • Shaking
  • Falls
  • Sudden stops (as in car accidents)
  • Trauma (head injuries)

Brain injuries in infants are often the result of an individual losing his or her temper and shaking the child, also called shaken baby syndrome. Shaken baby syndrome accounts for about 1,500 injuries annually, and the brain injury inflicted can result in permanent blindness, cerebral palsy, or cognitive disabilities. Your child may have no external signs of injury, but brain injury and permanent impairment can change your child’s life and your life forever.

If you suspect or know that your child has suffered a brain injury, you should contact an experienced traumatic brain injury attorney immediately. Without an attorney’s help it may be impossible to effectively pursue legal action against the responsible party, and with the help of legal and medical experts, your chances for compensation increase exponentially.

To find the help of an experienced brain injury attorney in your area, please contact The Cochran Firm today, serving parents of children with brain injuries throughout the nation at our office locations in sixteen states.