Run Over by Operating Equipment

Few things are as frightening as being run over by large equipment. Not only frightening, the physical damage received in such accidents is almost always debilitating and often times fatal. Immediate damages will require medical assistance, but the long term effect of these injuries can prove financially and emotionally draining for both the victim and his family.

The attorneys at The Cochran Firm are prepared to help victims of all construction site accidents get their life back on track by providing the legal representation necessary to determine fault, and receiving full compensation.

Injuries from Run-Over Accidents

Due to the size of lifts, cranes, and trucks used on construction sites, the injuries sustained in these accidents often exceed those of being run over by passenger vehicles.

Potential injuries include:


Many of these injuries can take a significant time to heal. This is time that you will not be able to work, and may require extensive medical treatment. The associated financial losses can place undue strain on you and your family. The Cochran Firm can help ensure those costs are covered, and help alleviate your financial concerns.

Determining Fault

Finding out who is to blame in construction site accidents is a difficult process. Perhaps the driver was being careless. Maybe the driver was improperly trained, or was required to operate the machinery under unsafe conditions. In some cases, the equipment itself was faulty. With so many contractors and companies involved, you can be sure that blame will be passed, and with the inclusion of insurance companies, determining fault will become more and more difficult.

If you have been injured by heavy equipment on a construction site, please contact the experienced construction accident attorneys at The Cochran Firm for a free evaluation of your case. We will work tirelessly to determine fault, and get you the compensation you will need to recover from these unfortunate accidents.