Today, after being forced to wait nearly three painful years, the family of John Crawford expresses its significant disappointment with the Justice Department for failing to charge either Officer Sean Williams, Sergeant David Darkow or the Beavercreek Police Department for the unnecessary shooting and killing John Crawford at the Beavercreek Walmart on August 5, 2014.

From the insensitivity of authorities and the lack of accountability from an agency to this decision by the Department of Justice, our criminal justice system appears to be reinforcing the feelings of indifference for the lives of private citizens who fall victim to the violent actions and poor judgment of law enforcement in this community and across the country.

The prosecutor who presented the case to the state Grand Jury admitted that John had done nothing wrong when shopping at Walmart that fateful day, yet he was killed by the police. Only two citizens in the entire history of the Beavercreek have been killed by police, and the same officer, Sean Williams, killed BOTH of them. The evidence developed in the civil case shows that Officer Williams was far more violent than any officer on the force, but likely benefited from nepotism to keep his job. He had no reason to shoot and kill John, who had done nothing more than pick up a BB/pellet gun that was on the shelf, for sale, at Walmart. The Beavercreek Police Department knew Officer Williams was too quick to resort to violence, and the officer had more citizen complaints about his aggressive behavior than any other officer on the force. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system has failed the Crawford family, like so many victims of unnecessary police violence. John’s family must put its faith in the civil justice system to obtain some sense of balance and justice for John’s children and his parents.

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