Children are injured every day at school. If your child has been injured at or around school property, you may be wondering who is responsible in the eyes of the law. There are two types of injuries that can occur at school; negligent or intentional injuries.

Negligent Injuries

While your child is at school, teachers and administration are responsible for providing a safe environment. Parents are hopeful that they are sending their children to safe school environments; however, accidents on school properties are inevitable. Here are some of the common ways children are injured at school:

Playground Injuries can occur if playground equipment is defective, broken, or received improper maintenance by the school administration. A playground injury can also occur when there is not adequate adult supervision. 

Food poisoning is a result of improper storage or preparation of food. This can also occur if the outside food manufacturer provided spoiled food.

School Bus Accidents can be avoidable but often happen due to the negligence of the bus driver, improper training, or poorly maintained and faulty busses. 

Slip and Falls may be the most common school injury. This often occurs from missing or poorly maintained handrails, slippery floors, or when the school fails to clear sidewalks from snow or ice.

Intentional Injuries

You first must determine if the injury inflicted on your child was intentional or negligent. An example of this would be if your child is experiencing bullying and that student physically harmed your child. In this instance, the parents of this student would be liable depending on the severity of the injury. The school can also be responsible if they were aware of the bullying taking place. There are also instances where an adult can inflict harm to your child while at school. In this case, the school district may be responsible for not conducting a proper background check before employment.

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