Sexual Abuse Cases

Over 40% of women and around 20% of men in the United States have experienced sexual violence, and one in ten children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. Sexual abuse statistics show that the bulk of these heinous assaults took place in care environments such as home care and other facilities. The occurrence of sexual abuse has also been reported during general practitioner, individual therapy, or hospital sessions.

Because of high-profile sexual abuse lawsuits that include perpetrators ranging from celebrities to institutions like Boy Scouts of America and members of the clergy, sexual abuse in the United States has finally started getting the scrutiny it warrants. The Cochran Firm has extensive experience representing victims of sexual abuse. To speak with one of The Cochran Firm’s sexual abuse attorneys today, please contact us.

What exactly is sexual abuse?

This type of abuse applies to any action that coerces or pressures someone to do sexual things they do not desire to do. Sexual abuse can also refer to conduct that impacts an individual’s ability to control their sexual activity or the conditions in which this activity transpires, including rape, oral sex, or other sexual touching or sex related legal violations. Some examples of sexual abuse include:

  • Undesired touching or kissing.
  • Undesired violent or rough sexual actions.
  • Rape or attempted rape.
  • Pressuring or threatening someone into undesired sexual activity.
  • Sexual activity with children or underaged individuals.
  • Preventing an individual from protecting themselves from sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy.
  • Sexual activity with an individual who is unconscious, drunk, drugged, or unable to make a clear decision.
  • Other legally prohibited sexual activity against a person.

Sexual abuse is a pervasive problem. The abuse can lead to sadness, shock, fear, guilt, physical injury, and in some cases, psychological disorders. The consequences of sexual violence are physical, like bruising and injuries, and psychological, such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicidal thoughts. The effects may also be chronic and permanent. Sexual abuse victims may also experience re-occurring reproductive, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and other sexual health problems.

Legal, personal, and societal hurdles frequently prevent victims from disclosing the abuse and obtaining the help they deserve. Compassionately, The Cochran Firm can help sexual abuse victims overcome legal obstacles by representing them during such a severely painful time of their lives. We, as Americans, still have battles to conquer in order to create change and stop sexual abuse. The Cochran Firm will continue to stand strong and fight for our clients. To speak with one of our sexual abuse attorneys today, please contact us.

Is sexual abuse common?

Sexual abuse is a pervasive problem. In the United States, one in four men and one in three women experience sexual violence in their lifetimes, according to the National Institutes of Health. Those statistics are likely underestimated due to the embarrassment and fear that stop many survivors from reporting abuse.

Taking the next step

The attorneys at The Cochran Firm have extensive experience representing victims of sexual abuse. We understand that sexual abuse is life-altering and can cause severe psychological pain to the victim. The Cochran Firm strives to fight for you, and we will be by your side throughout the legal process. Our sexual abuse attorneys remain dedicated to helping our clients during such life-altering times.

To speak with one of The Cochran Firm’s attorneys, please contact us today.

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