There are many situations where discrimination occurs in the workplace, however, the signs are not always obvious. Discrimination can be very subtle and difficult to prove. Facing employment discrimination can undermine a person in their workplace, causing anxiety, depression and other stress-related injuries. No one wants to work in a negative and hostile environment.

Here are five signs you might be facing workplace discrimination.

Lack of Diversity:

Some signs of discrimination are more noticeable than others. If everyone in your workplace is the same, race, gender, age, or sexual orientation then the environment can be ripe for workplace discrimination. This even extends to accommodating disabilities in the workplace.

Fixed Roles:

If the men in the workplace are all in managerial positions while the women remain in secretarial roles this could be a sign of discrimination. Especially if the women have qualifications for a higher role but are never promoted.

Overlooked or Denied Promotions:

If you have been working hard and have the skills to fill a new role but are consistently passed over then this could be workplace discrimination. Especially, if you express interest in or apply for a new position but instead someone that is less qualified receives the promotion.

Demeaning and Alienating Communication:

Communication can be a big factor in employment discrimination. The tone and manner in which coworkers and supervisors speak to each other can be unpleasant and open up grounds for discrimination. Discrimination can be present if you are consistently spoken to in a harsh or belittling tone, or if offensive jokes and comments are made, especially in reference to race, gender, religion, age or sexual orientation.

Negative Increase or Decrease of Workload:

Common discriminatory tactics by managers includes taking away key responsibilities for the employee, or giving a targeted employee impossible tasks to successfully complete. This is usually a manger trying to build a case to have an employee terminated.

Bogus Discipline:

As part of their discriminatory tactics, managers may begin unjustly criticizing an employee’s work or disciplining them unfairly in an attempt to create a paper trail for termination.

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Originally written and posted by The Cochran Firm New York.