Pensacola, Florida 3/6/2020- The Cochran Firm Dothan is representing the family of Deleigha Gibson (18) who, with her friend Samara Cooks (15), was tragically killed in a car crash near Pensacola last July.  The lawsuits filed by the families are aimed at the Florida Highway Patrol, the Pensacola District Commander, Escambia County Coroner, Escambia County Medical Examiner’s Office, and the funeral homes that handled the funeral arrangements for the girls.  The girls were misidentified after being pronounced dead at the scene of the crash and the families did not discover the mistake until viewing the bodies at the funeral home.  Adding another terrible layer to this tragic event is the fact that Gibson was an organ donor.  The mistake is believed to have led to her organs not being preserved and the organs of Cooks to be harvested without parental consent.