Have you ever wondered if there are workplace construction hazards on your job? It is a requirement by the OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) law for employers to provide all employees with proper working equipment and to provide safety workplace condition. However, employers can sometimes overlook this necessary legal obligation.

The OSHA has identified the four most common causes of fatalities in the construction working field:

  • Falls
    • the primary cause of fall related injuries is due to unprotected sides, edges, and holes, improperly constructed working surfaces, and failure to provide worker’s with personal fall arrest systems.
  • Struck-By
    • OSHA breaks this category into three subgroups:
      1. falling objects
        • workers are not always provided with adequate overhead protection. Without proper inspection of your surroundings while on your job site, there is the chance of having rigging failure, loose or shifting materials, equipment tip over or malfunction, and lack of overhead protection.
      2. vehicle and equipment strikes
        • during operation of workplace vehicles, sometimes workers can let their guard down and injure another person. This includes backing incidents where a vehicle is backing-up and runs into a fellow human.
      3. flying objects
        • this injury can be caused by motor powered tools and unfortunate accidents occur when doing activities that involve pushing, pulling or even prying and ultimately causing an object to become airborne.
  • Caught-In-Between
    • the caught-in-between injury is where workers are caught-in-between in equipment and can get severely injured. The main primary causes of these injuries include:
      • trench/excavation collapse
      • rotating equipment
      • unguarded parts
      • equipment rollover
      • equipment maintenance.
    • Electrocutions
      • the primary cause of electrocutions for workers includes:
        • contact with overhead power lines
        • contact with live circuits in panels
        • poorly maintained cords and tools
        • lightning strikes

These injuries can be avoided if proper safety equipment and training is enforced at your workplace. We are advocates for your workplace health and safety. If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious accident at work, seek help and representation immediately. You may be entitled to recover compensation for your missed time off, injuries, and other financial difficulties. Call 1-800-843-3476 or fill out an online form today.