Truck Accident Litigation

One of the reasons truck accident litigation is so complicated is that there are a number of different parties who are liable for the accident. This is rarely the case in car accidents, where most collisions boil down to driver-vs.-driver concerns. The truck accident lawyers at The Cochran Firm understand the complex nature of liability in these cases.

Our truck accident lawyers are exceptionally thorough in pursuing justice and compensation for any personal injury you’ve suffered in a collision. We’ll follow every possible legal avenue and fight on your behalf.

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Liability That Runs Deep

In the case of a collision with a commercial truck that was caused by negligence or misconduct, our truck accident lawyers can often pursue compensation from:

  • The driver: Truck drivers have the exact same responsibilities as other vehicle operators, and when they violate those responsibilities they can be held accountable. While most commercial truck drivers are safe professionals, too many drive recklessly or drive under the influence of amphetamines or other so-called “uppers.”

Determining Liability

  • The trucking company: Part of the reason many truck drivers drive dangerously is that their companies put unrealistic expectations on them with overloaded schedules and trucks. Our truck accident lawyers will investigate to determine if the trucking company put profit over safety by making dangerous demands of their drivers.
  • Cargo companies: One of the most common causes of truck accidents is overloaded or improperly loaded cargo. If our truck accident lawyers determine that this was a cause of the collision, we can pursue a claim against the company that loaded the cargo into the truck.
  • Truck and truck part manufacturers: Defective vehicles present unique dangers to drivers on America’s highways. This is especially true when the vehicle in question is a massive commercial truck. If the truck that hurt you was defective or poorly designed, or if it contained defective parts, we can pursue compensation from the manufacturer.

Determining liability in your truck accident requires two traits: experience and tenacity. The truck accident lawyers at The Cochran Firm have both. We’ve spent decades investigating truck accidents in order to determine fault, and we will not rest in our efforts to remove from your shoulders the heavy physical, financial and psychological burdens of a truck accident.

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