Month: September 2015

Do I have a Case?

Do I Have a Case?

San Francisco 49ers hit with lawsuit over bathroom brawl

Men severely beaten by fellow fans allege negligence in security Two men severely beaten in a stadium bathroom before a San Francisco 49ers game last year recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against the NFL team, the stadium’s management company, and the city of Santa Clara, California. The injury lawsuit alleges the defendants failed to […]
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FDA warns surgeons that cranial perforators may fail to disengage

Safety communication reports over 200 injuries caused by drilling into brains The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a safety communication to neurologists and surgeons warning that an important safety mechanism on a medical device known as a cranial perforator, which is used to drill a small hole into a patient's skull during brain surgery, may […]
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E-cig industry feeling the heat

Lawsuits and potential legislation mounting The e-cigarette industry is coming under increased pressure from lawmakers and product liability attorneys questioning the safety of electronic nicotine delivery systems. While e-cigarettes have been commercially available for about a decade, many unanswered questions remain about the safety of e-cigs and their efficacy in helping traditional smokers quit nicotine. E-cigarettes are advertised […]
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Drug’s huge price increase creates firestorm for CEO

CEO defends 4,000% price hike as necessary for research and development The Internet was set aflame this month by the news former hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli dramatically raised the price of Daraprim, a generic drug used to treat toxoplasmosis, a serious disease associated with HIV, from $18 a pill to $750. Shkreli’s start-up company […]
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Salmonella outbreaks generate lawsuits and prison sentences

Two high-profile salmonella outbreaks put the spotlight on deadly bacteria An Arlington, Virginia, woman recently filed a lawsuit after being stricken with salmonella after eating at The Fig & Olive restaurant in Washington, D.C. According to D.C. health officials, at least ten others contracted salmonella, more than 60 were made sick, and a total of […]
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Study: Medical Misdiagnosis is a System-Wide Problem

Report: One in 20 Americans seeking outpatient care will experience misdiagnosis A new report by a committee of the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine warns wrong or late medical diagnosis is a serious and pervasive problem in America's healthcare system. The study found that most people will experience at least one medical misdiagnosis during […]
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Russian Medicare fraudster added to Most Wanted Fugitives list

The U.S. Office of the Inspector General (OIG) believes Ilya Slepak is hiding from federal authorities in Russia after being indicted on conspiracy charges to commit mail fraud and healthcare fraud. Slepak was one of several others managing a “no-fault” injury clinic in New York believed by authorities to a fraud mill siphoning money from […]
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Doink the Clown’s family files wrongful death claim

Lawsuit alleges WWE failed to protect wrestler’s health In 2013, the professional wrestling world was shocked to learn that Doink The Clown (a wrestling character played by Matt Osborne) died due to an accidental drug overdose. Osborne’s family recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), alleging Doink’s struggles with addiction came […]
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New York Times article highlights dangers of trucking industry

Bigger trucks, longer work weeks, and lack of adequate regulation According to a recent New York Times story, the number of fatalities on highways involving large trucks and tractor trailers will continue to rise unless Congress steps in with a comprehensive highway funding bill to promote driver safety. Unfortunately, Congress is introducing legislation to deregulate the […]
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Quest Diagnostics settles $1.79 million Medicare fraud lawsuit

Whistleblower awarded $358,000 for reporting fraud against Medicare The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently settled a False Claims Act lawsuit with Quest Diagnostics for $1.79 million, over claims the health care provider double billed Medicare for services and diagnostic tests. The whistleblower who exposed the alleged False Claims Act violations was rewarded with $358,000 of the recovery […]
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