Month: October 2013

Do I have a Case?

Do I Have a Case?

$8 Million Settlement in Wrongful Death Case

An $8,000,000 settlement was awarded in this case, where two workers died in a natural resources disaster. It was determined that they perished as a result of improper workplace operations and inadequate safety and rescue measures This case is an actual result from a real case handled by our office. It provides an example of […]
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$3 Million Settlement in Wrongful Death Case

A $3,024,000 settlement was collected in a wrongful death case involving a 58-year-old educator, a John Doe driver and a flat bed truck. The man was a husband and a father of three grown children. This verdict was upheld on appeal and collected. This case is an actual result from a real case handled by […]
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Baltimore/Towson gynecologist Dr. John Yacoub’s medical license suspended amid criminal investigation

On Oct. 8, 2013, the Maryland Board of Physicians ordered Dr. John Yacoub to immediately cease and desist from performing any medical and surgical procedures. Dr. Yacoub previously practiced at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center and Saint Agnes Hospital. In its reasons for suspending Dr. Yacoub’s medical license, the Board noted that numerous images were […]
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The Cochran Firm, DC secures two historic $1 million+ verdicts

The Cochran Firm, DC’s attorneys have recently secured verdicts of more than $1 million in rural jurisdictions where significant verdicts are rare. Our team of experienced injury attorneys won their cases by marshaling the testimony of expert witnesses and medical providers, analyzing extensive medical and police records, taking multiple in-depth depositions, and making multiple court […]
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