Do I have a Case?

Do I Have a Case?

The Cochran Firm, DC secures two historic $1 million+ verdicts

The Cochran Firm, DC’s attorneys have recently secured verdicts of more than $1 million in rural jurisdictions where significant verdicts are rare. Our team of experienced injury attorneys won their cases by marshaling the testimony of expert witnesses and medical providers, analyzing extensive medical and police records, taking multiple in-depth depositions, and making multiple court appearances. Both in court and through written legal pleadings, our seasoned lawyers vigorously opposed the arguments of wealthy insurance corporations that refused to provide adequate compensation to injured victims.

Wicomico Co Settlement of $1.026 million

A Wicomico County, Maryland jury returned a verdict of $1.026 million on Oct. 10, 2013, finding the defendants negligent when they towed a farm implement that dangerously extended across two road lanes and struck the plaintiff’s vehicle. The last offer made by the defendants before trial was $200,000. David Haynes, the managing partner of The Cochran Firm, DC, provided legal representation to the injured plaintiffs in the case.

Wicomico County is traditionally thought to be a venue unreceptive to injured plaintiffs and where significant verdicts are rare. Haynes’ $1.026 million verdict is the first jury verdict of more than $1 million in a non-medical malpractice personal injury case in Wicomico County, according to the legal research database WestLaw.

Spotsylvania Co Settlement of $1.28 million

In another recent victory by The Cochran Firm, DC in a challenging jurisdiction, Spotsylvania County, Virginia, the jury returned a verdict of $1.28 million to a severely injured client’s family. W. Charles Meltmar, a nursing home abuse and neglect attorney with The Cochran Firm, DC, successfully represented the family in the case. The last offer made by the defendants was $400,000.  According to WestLaw, Meltmar’s $1.28 million jury verdict was only the sixth jury verdict of $1 million or more in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and the first nursing home abuse or neglect case to result in a jury verdict of $1 million or greater.

The Cochran Firm DC — High Caliber Representation

These two recent and historic verdicts illustrate the caliber of representation and ability The Cochran Firm, DC's attorneys bring to the cases they take on when they represent injured victims and their families in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia, even in jurisdictions that are traditionally thought to be unreceptive to the claims of injured plaintiffs.

The team of seasoned lawyers at The Cochran Firm, DC handles a variety of claims, including medical malpractice, catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, motor vehicle accidents, product liability, premises liability, nursing home abuse, and police abuse and brutality. Attorneys with The Cochran Firm, DC were selected as 2013 Washington, DC Super Lawyers, as Best Lawyers in America, rated AV-Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell, and have received top ratings from their peers, local and national publications and organizations, and clients for achieving successful verdicts and settlements for injury victims.


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