Do I have a Case?

Do I Have a Case?

Fitness blogger killed by exploding whipped cream dispenser

Product recalled over reports of multiple injuries

Rebecca Burger, a French fitness and lifestyle blogger, was recently killed by a defectively manufactured whipped cream dispenser after the pressurized canister exploded into her chest. According to French authorities, the victim entered a state of cardiac arrest and despite the best efforts of first responders, passed away a day later in the hospital.

The 31-year old victim was a social media star, documenting her fitness routine and travels around the world. She promoted various women’s health and fitness websites. Burger’s family revealed her passing to the model’s 150,000 social media followers and saw an influx of support and well wishes.

The victim’s passing is just the latest serious accident involving the popular kitchen dessert product, while multiple victims reporting injuries ranging from broken ribs to cracked sternums. French media outlets previously exposed the dangers such cream siphons can pose to consumers, calling the products dangerous.

Defective product injury claims

In the U.S., manufacturers owe consumers a duty to sell products that will not cause harm when used under the proper circumstances. Generally, two types of defective product lawsuits exist: express warranty claims and implied warranty claims.

  • Express warranty lawsuits - Promises to the product’s safety by manufacturers in writing, verbal communication, or by demonstration
  • Implied warranty lawsuits - Product was not “sellable” and caused harm to the consumer when using the item for its intended purpose

Victims harmed by a manufacturer’s unfulfilled promise have legal rights to hold these parties accountable for their injuries. While the law expects manufacturers of defectively designed or manufactured products to compensate victims, these entities often attempt to skirt liability.

Fortunately, the law allows victims to hire product liability attorneys to represent them in claims against manufacturers. At The Cochran Firm, D.C., our experienced Washington DC have secured numerous settlements for victims of defectively designed and manufactured products.

DC personal injury lawyers

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