Do I have a Case?

Do I Have a Case?

Pedestrian crushed by heavy glass door at Bethesda, Maryland Apple store

apple-store-falling-door-lawsuit-bethesda-marylandAn anonymous Internet user posted a photo on the popular website Reddit stating that an 800-pound door at the Apple store in Bethesda, Maryland came unhinged and fell on a friend on Christmas Eve, breaking his pelvis. The user noted that “Apple hasn’t made any attempts to get in touch with him.” The man was sent to a local hospital with serious injuries, according to media reports.

The door that fell on the injured victim is known as a frameless glass door. Many of these type of commercial doors are extremely thick and heavy. Herculite is a leading manufacturer of frameless glass doors. The Apple store in Bethesda, Maryland is located at 4860 Bethesda Ave.

“Oh my god, that's painful,” witness A.J. Thompson told ABC 7. “You'd think they would have seen the door was off the hinges -- that's pretty terrible.”

There could be a variety of causes for this shocking accident: faulty installation, poor manufacturing, negligent maintenance, or careless engineering. Someone or some company’s carelessness has resulted in an Apple store shopper spending Christmas Day with a broken pelvis.

Business owners like Apple owe the public a legal duty to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition. Heavy glass doors that fall on pedestrians walking by are not safe or reasonable. The law holds business owners accountable for dangerous conditions that the owner knew about or should have known about. Although it is unacceptable for large and heavy glass doors to become unhinged and injure individuals, it is not possible to know exactly what caused the door to fall. There could be a variety of parties at fault – the store owner for being negligent in checking the work, a contractor for doing a poor job, etc.

apple-store-bethesda-glass-door-broken-pelvis-lawyerPelvis fractures are serious injuries and can take months to recover from. Medical treatment for a broken pelvis can be long, painful, and may require surgery depending on the severity of the injury. The victim who was injured by the Bethesda Apple store door may require many weeks of bed rest, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. The injured victim may incur costly medical bills, expenses for physical therapy, and other medical expenses, in addition to lost wages.

At The Cochran Firm, we routinely provide high-caliber representation for injured victims like the individual injured by the falling glass door at the Bethesda Apple store. Our team of attorneys fights for injured victims and hold careless and negligent individuals and companies accountable for the harms they cause. We design personalized litigation strategies with the goal of securing the highest possible compensation for injured victims and their families.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured by a dangerous condition at a Bethesda, Maryland business, contact our team of experienced legal professionals. We can help. All initial inquiries are free, confidential, and carry absolutely no obligation. Because strict time limits apply to filing injury claims, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible.


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