Do I have a Case?

Do I Have a Case?

Police rule hospital patient's death a homicide

74 year old man died after altercation with hospital security

a 74 year old man died after a fight with hospital secutity at medstar washington hospitalIn September 2015, an elderly man died after a fight with security guards at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. Now, police are calling his death a homicide. The D.C. Medical Examiner’s Office recently determined the patient suffered blunt force trauma to the neck, cervical spinal cord transection, and vertebral artery compression.

In short, the deceased suffered a broken neck. Police are still trying to determine why the altercation between the 74 year old man and security guards took place. No charges have been filed.

The incident began last fall when the victim left MedStar Washington Hospital Center without being formally discharged. Nursing staff found him at nearby MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital wearing only a hospital gown.

While being escorted back to Washington Hospital Center, the patient ended up in a confrontation with two security guards. A struggle ensued, leaving the elderly patient unconscious on the ground.

The hospital security officers involved in the homicide are no longer employed at MedStar Washington Hospital. The two guards were initially placed on administrative leave following the incident. It is still unclear whether the security guards involved in this homicide case were fired or resigned.

This incident is just the latest is a series of homicides involving law enforcement and unarmed African Americans. In November 2015, Alonzo Smith died in the custody of special police officers at Marbury Plaza Apartments in Southeast. Metro Police found Smith unresponsive at the scene while a security guard at the apartment complex lay atop him.

As a law firm committed to social justice and holding wrongdoers accountable, The Cochran Firm, D.C. will continue to actively monitor the situation. Our law firm regularly represents victims of police brutality and their families.


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