Do I have a Case?

Do I Have a Case?

Top 10 most common car accident injuries

Car accidents can be traumatic, life changing events. Victims may be left with serious injuries requiring extensive hospitalization and long term medical care. While most car accidents are minor, resulting in scratches and bumps and bruises, some may result in severe injuries.

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10. Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries suffered in car accidents may range from mild to severe. Types of traumatic brain injuries include concussions, contusions, coup-contrecoup injuries, or diffuse axonal. Even mild traumatic brain injuries like concussions can produce symptoms which will last for weeks. More severe traumatic brain injuries can leave a car accident victim impaired for the rest of their life.

9. Head injuries

The sheer force involved in car accidents may send shrapnel and other fragments flying towards the head and face of a vehicles occupants. Victims of car accidents may lose their senses of sight, hearing, or smell if the effects of crash impact them in a certain way. Car accident victims may also lose teeth or suffer injuries to their jaws.

8. Back and neck injuries

Neck and back injuries suffered in car crashes can be especially debilitating. We often take for granted how important our sense of mobility and flexibility is until it is taken away from us. The violent effects of a car accident may quite often result in back and neck injuries.

Common neck injuries associated with car accidents include tearing ligaments in the neck (neck sprain), hyperflexion-hyperextension injuries (whiplash), cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerves), or herniated discs (slipped or ruptured disks).

Common back injuries include herniated and bulging discs, soft tissue damage, compression fractures of the vertebra, loss of mass in the ends of the cervical and lumbar (axial bursts), flexion distraction fractures (upper vertebral fractures), transverse process fractures (twisting of the spine), dislocation fractures.

7. Crushed trachea or larynx

The larynx and trachea are vital to the respiratory process. Injuries to these two parts of the body can leave a car accident victims unable to breath, resulting in anoxic brain damage or even death. Car accident victims who suffered anoxic brain injuries may be left with serious injuries, requiring lifelong care and medical attention.

6. Chest injuries

The most common types of chest injuries suffered by car crash victims are bruises and contusions, fractured and bruised ribs, muscle strains, and damage to internal organs. Chest injuries can be especially severe if the driver hits the steering wheel when the vehicle makes impact. Even if drivers and passengers are wearing their seat belts during a crash, violent forces may cause serious damage to internal organs.

5. Severed limbs

Vehicles which roll over or are penetrated during a crash pose a serious risk to the extremities of the occupants. Tragically, car crash victims may need to have fingers, toes, arms, or legs amputated if the damage suffered is severe enough.

4. Pelvic and Abdominal injuries

Due to the way seat belts sit on vehicle occupants, hip fractures and injuries to the liver, spleen, and kidneys are common types of injuries, especially in head on collisions. The severity of abdominal and pelvic trauma can depend on factors like seat position and the height and weight of the occupant.

3. Leg injuries

Drivers and passengers of vehicles involved in head on car crashes are vulnerable to experiencing fractures and contusions to their legs and lower extremities. Occupants may be thrown into or be struck by the dashboard and seats of the vehicle as it makes impact.

2. Knee injuries

Injuries to a car crash victim’s legs and knees are another especially debilitating type of injury to suffer. Due to the complex system of tendons and nerves inside the knee, trauma to this area may cause severe mobility complications. Common injuries to the knee include PCL and ACL tears, hyper extensions of the knee ligaments, ruptured tendons, joint dislocation, and fractures.

1. Foot and ankle injuries

Ankles, feet, and toes are very susceptible to injury in a severe car accident. Victims of car crashes may suffer broken bones to their feet and ankles. Due to the load bearing natures of the ankles and feet, injuries to these parts of the body may severely affect a person's ability to perform simple, daily tasks.

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The Cochran Firm, D.C. offers car accident victims free, prompt, and confidential case reviews. Our firm represent our clients on a contingency basis, this means there are no fees unless we win your case for you. There are strict time deadlines when filing car accident injury lawsuits so contact The Cochran Firm, D.C. today and find out what your injury claims may be worth.


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