Cochran Firm attorney Carlos Moore appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show to discuss his Do Better ASAP program. In addition to being the Managing Partner of The Cochran Firm Mississippi Delta and the current President of The National Bar Association (2021-2022), Carlos is also a Municipal Judge for two jurisdictions in Mississippi.

On the show, Carlos discusses his Do Better ASAP (Alternative Sentencing Accountability Program) where, as a judge, he gives first-time offenders a second chance to correct their life’s trajectory.  He explains that once you enter into the criminal justice system your record follows you and how his Do Better ASAP program gives nonviolent, youthful, first-time offenders the opportunity to not begin their lives with a blemish on their record.  

Judge Moore reveals that if an offender pleads guilty and accepts responsibility for their infraction, he allows them the opportunity to make positive changes in many different and creative ways.  Some offenders may register to vote or write an essay, while others put in the work to get the GED.  One participant that stands out the most for Carlos is Chandler Wales.  A 17-year-old who pleaded guilty to reckless driving, Chandler was not doing well in school, his grades were not great, he was missing days in class, and was lacking a sense of direction in his life.  Through Judge Moore’s program, Chandler committed to his studies and recently finished his first year of college.  Chandler’s mother, Raquel, even made an appearance on the show to describe the positive change in Chandler’s life and to thank Judge Moore on behalf of herself and other mothers in the communities Carlos serves.  She describes seeing a change in Chandler as soon as he entered the program where he became more focused on school, developed better respect for authority, became more aware of his actions and how they affect others, and became a more cautious, safe driver.

The Cochran Firm appreciates Carlos’ creative approach to giving youthful offenders a second chance at life and his commitment to reducing the number of people entering the criminal justice system in his community.  As Kelly points out in the segment, this second chance not only positively changes the offender’s life, but the life of their family and the community as a whole.