A Warren, MI teen plans to file a lawsuit after a video of his violent arrest on June 6, 2022 came to light.  Following his arrest 17-year-old Tyler Wade spent a couple of weeks in jail before being released on June 21.  Following his interaction with Warren Police, Wade says that he is still suffering from extreme headaches, dizziness, a concussion, and blurred vision in his right eye.  His front braces were also knocked off of his teeth during the altercation.  Wade is facing charges that include fleeing, eluding 3rd-degree, weapons violation, and a control substance deliver and manufacturing of drugs (marijuana).

“When I first saw the video, I cried a lot.  It was hard to watch, seeing that they pulled him out of the car and just beat on him.”

                                                                                                                                -Bianca Wade (Tyler’s mother)

Cochran Firm Detroit Managing Attorney James King says, “There was no weapon inside the vehicle or on Tyler’s person.  He did exactly as he was told to do.  He raised his hands and surrendered.  In exchange for his cooperation, in exchange for him surrendering, Tyler received a first-class ticket to the hospital.”  King also says that Wade does not have a criminal record and that his office will be conducting its own investigation.

Bill Dwyer, Warren’s Police Commissioner, said that excessive use of force by Warren police officers is not, and will not be, tolerated.  He said that an internal investigation found that only one officer that was on the scene acted outside the department’s use of force policy.  The officer was put on administrative leave immediately and given a lengthy disciplinary suspension according to Dwyer.

“We’re hoping that by standing up for this, standing up for Tyler, and standing up for incidents like these that we can stop these things from happening in the future.”

-Cochran Firm attorney James King

Attorney King is requesting the body camera footage of the incident.

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