Update (3/20/2022): The father and son who shot at D'Monterrio Gibson while he was delivering packages for FedEx will be facing charges. The attorneys would like for the pair to be charged with a hate crime and for the case to be moved out of the local jurisdiction due to lack of faith in local law enforcement.

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Original story (2/15/2022): Cochran Firm attorneys Carlos Moore and James Bryant, of the Cochran Firm Grenada, MS and the Cochran Firm Los Angeles, CA offices respectively, are representing D'Monterrio Gibson.  Gibson, a FedEx delivery driver was wearing his FedEx uniform and working in an unmarked van that FedEx had rented for him to make his deliveries.  After dropping off a package he was approached by two white men in a white pickup truck.  The first man attempted to block Gibson from leaving the driveway with the truck and when Gibson drove around, he saw the second man pointing a gun at him and motioning for him to stop.

As Gibson drove away the second man fired into the van.  The two men then chased him to an interstate highway before giving up.  The two men, Gregory Charles Case (59) and his son Brandon Case (35) were arrested on February 1 and charged with conspiracy and aggravated assault respectively.  Attorneys Moore and Bryant are seeking to have the charges upgraded to attempted murder. Although nobody was injured during the incident, the chase and shooting has brought many incidents of racism to light in the Brookhaven community via a social media uproar. Moore connects the incident to the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, a black man who was chased and shot at in 2020 by three white men in a Georgia neighborhood.

According to Gibson, he was instructed by his superiors to follow the same delivery route the following day. After two days of experiencing terrible anxiety at work due to the traumatic incident that occurred, Gibson was given unpaid time off.

FedEx responded:

"FedEx takes situations of this nature very seriously, and we are shocked by this criminal act against our team member… The safety of our team members is our top priority, and we remain focused on his wellbeing. We will continue to support Mr. Gibson as we cooperate with investigating authorities.”

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