Do I have a Case?

Do I Have a Case?

Feds charge Deonte Carraway with eight counts of child pornography

Former volunteer at Glenarden elementary school faces 18 state and federal charges

Deonte Carraway charged with 8 federal counts of child pornography

Deonte Carraway (left) on a field trip in 2015

This week, federal authorities charged Deonte Carraway, a former volunteer at Judge Sylvania W. Woods Elementary School in Glenarden, Maryland, with eight counts of child pornography. If convicted on all counts, Carraway faces a minimum sentence of 120-years combined.

Carraway already faces 10 state charges in Maryland in what authorities call “vile sexual acts” with students as young as nine-years old. The charges include statements by Carraway confessing to some of the acts in which he admitted to distributing phones and using a messaging app called Kik to send and receive videos.

State and federal charges allege Carraway used his position at the elementary school and as a youth choir director to coerce 17 children into performing sexual acts for him to film. Authorities claim Carraway made as many as 40 videos of children, instructing them to perform sexual acts on one another.

A lack of oversight

Area parents are furious over the situation. Many wonder how Carraway could be left unsupervised with so many young children, even pulling some out of class, to engage in such despicable acts with innocent children.

As state and federal authorities investigate exactly who at the school knew what and when, The Cochran Firm, D.C. is already assisting families impacted by this senseless tragedy. F. Scott Lucas is representing multiple families whose children were allegedly abused at the hand of Deonte Carraway, helping them find and answers and seek justice.

Child abuse attorneys

The Cochran Firm, D.C. has absolutely zero tolerance for individuals who would dare harm children or anyone else who would turn a blind eye to such depraved acts. Our attorneys help parents hold wrongdoers accountable for failing to take reasonable safety measures to protect the children we entrust to our schools.

If you believe your child may have been abused by Deonte Carraway, contact The Cochran Firm, D.C. for a completely confidential and free consultation about your case. Contact us during business hours at 202-682-5800 or at 1-800-THE FIRM (843-3476) to speak to an attorney.


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