The following cases are actual cases which have been handled by our attorneys.  These case studies are listed to compare facts and medical standards with care you or someone you know may have received.

Child Loses Toes Due to Thermal Burn Injury at Birth

Premature twin was injured when the NICU nurse applied a rubber glove filled with scalding hot water to her groin area in an attempt to warm the newborn.  Because the baby was premature, its skin was almost paper thin and the glove caused severe thermal burns to the child’s inner thigh and down to the toes.  Three toes, including the great toe had to be amputated as a result of the burn.  

Full-term baby dies from unrecognized cord accident-Birth Injuries

After undergoing many in-vitro attempts at pregnancy, a couple conceived and the child was carried to term.  Despite physician instructions to keep the patient on a fetal heart monitor, nurses permitted the laboring mother to remove the apparatus for approximately 45 minutes after a day of weak contractions.  The fetal heart monitor strip was never reassuring, throughout the day.  When the monitor was re-attached, the baby’s heart tones were absent to nearly absent, and despite an emergency caesarean section, the baby was born dead.  Settlement of $380,000.

Diabetic Mother Loses Baby Because Of Untreated Ketoacidosis

Mother with diabetes and high risk pregnancy presents to the hospital with history of nausea and vomiting.  Physician fails to order blood sugar checks or to place mother on sliding scale insulin.  Does not come to the hospital to see his patient.  Nurse calls physician several times to report problems with the fetal heart tones.  Nurse also fails to recognize obvious fetal distress.  Physician finally comes to hospital and orders transfer of patient to a higher level care facility 3 hours away.  Physician does not order insulin or sugar checks during transport.  When mother arrives, blood sugar is over 800 and baby expires.