Mild traumatic brain injuries can be further sub-classified as complicated MTBI and uncomplicated MTBI.  A complicated MTBI is characterized when a person has a Glascow Coma Score of 13-15, but shows some structural abnormality like edema, hematoma, or contusion on either a CAT scan or an MRI.  An uncomplicated MTBI is characterized by normal neuroimaging. 

Medical literature has reported that complicated MTBI’s are much more likely to have worse cognitive functioning acutely than those with uncomplicated MTBI’s.  Further, complicated MTBI’s can go on to cause long-term permanent problems. 

There is a large range injuries that can fall within the uncomplicated MTBI definition ranging from mild sports concussions to more serious injuries from auto accidents.  A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that would fall into the category of uncomplicated.  However, concussion is an often misused term because it is more readily understood by patients and is easier to communicate the favorable prognosis associated with this injury.