Depending on the location and severity of the traumatic brain injury, the following symptoms have been demonstrated in TBI patients:

1. Loss of consciousness

2. Confusion

3. Headaches

4. Memory loss

5. Dizziness/imbalance

6. Irritability

7. Visual disturbances

8. Ringing in ears (tinnitus)

9. Hearing loss

10. Blindness

11. Loss of smell

12. Loss of taste

13. Sleep disturbances

14. Mood swings

15. Concentration/attention problems

Significantly, not all symptoms appear on the day of the injury.  Many can occur in the days, weeks and months following the initial trauma.  Often, the symptoms are subtle and are commonly overlooked by patients.  In mild TBI, most people’s symptoms resolve within minutes, hours or days after the trauma.  However, some symptoms may persist up to 3 months and still be considered to be temporary.